What we do

The Elephant Table curates underground, collaborative dinner parties. We intentionally pair talented culinary and beverage professionals with industry creatives, and invite a hand-selected group to join the table to connect and experience the magic that results from a thoughtful collaboration. Held in undisclosed locations, with unique twists throughout, our goal is to provide an unforgettable experience that leaves you empowered and inspired.  

Why the "elephant" Table?

Our mission with The Elephant Table is to empower and inspire, both, our dinner partners and guests through unforgettable, collaborative dining experiences. Nothing encompasses and represents our values more than the all powerful elephant.

  • Elephants value community and teamwork, and are capable of individual life-long relationships.

  • Elephants learn from each other. Due to their impeccable memory, learning from others in their herd is crucial to survival.

  • Elephants are a world-wide symbol of strength, power and remembrance.

  • Elephants herds are led by the wisest female of the bunch. Just. Sayin'. #girlpowerfor55millionyearsstrong