Pasta Gals Dinner - 02


For this mini dinner party, we provided the meal and ambiance while our guests came armed with a bottle of wine and their favorite plate to eat off of. It's fun to see people's personality shine through their plate ware choice (not hating on the disposable plate ware lovers!!). We wanted to connect a creative group of lady friends in a beautiful, relaxed environment, keeping the guest list a secret until everyone arrived. Friends were made, and this dinner even sparked a new friendship that turned into a partnership for the next Elephant Table dinner party (Volume 3)! 

Menu details to come!!

Host | Florals: Emily Reid + Gypsy Floral & Events

Chefs: Beth DiBaggio & Allison DeCarlo

Illustrations: Emma Gundlach

Wooden Serving Boards: Oso Studio

Photography: Paige Newton