Marfa Vibes V4


For ET Volume 4, we teamed up with featured chefs, Matti & Geo of Mum Foods, and designer, Emily Waldmann of Fair Market. The dinner was hosted in Paige Newton's photography studio, and guests were welcomed to Summer with colorful, West Texas vibes that connected everyone to the deep roots of Texas, literally. Mum Foods forages just about all of their ingredients right here in Texas, so many a Texas root were consumed, incorporated into the beer and cocktails, and utilized in Emily's design.  



Cocktail & Beers

Summer Fig Collins | Revolution Spirits Austin Reserve Gin infused with Texas figs, Amico Amaro, Hausbar fig leaf lemonade, Fever Tree tonic, Amaro braised fig

Basil Summer Saison | Hausbar Farm cinnamon basil & bell pepper basil, fresh lemon peel, paradise seeds

Hop Tree Pale | Mum Foods foraged wafer ash, lemongrass


Grilled quail with dandelion salsa verde


Course 1 | Gulf trout, mustang grape verjus, pickled mustang, holy basil

Course 2 | Goat cheese panna cotta, sun gold, turk's cap flower, society garlic

Course 3 | Venison tartare, spring onion, sunflower

Course 4 | Wild boar chorizo, pickled yucca buds, chile pequin salsa, oxalis, house nixtamal tortilla

Course 5 | Smoked beef rib, sauerkraut, house mustard

Course 6 | Roasted Mexican plum wine sorbet

**Wild foraged, caught & homegrown in Texas by Mum Foods: Mustang grape, turk's cap, society garlic, spring onion, yucca, chile pequin, oxalis, Mexican plum, quail, trout, venison, boar, holy basil, sun golds, organic chicken eggs

Dinner Collaborators

Chef & Forager Mum Foods

Location Paige Newton's Photography Studio

Beer brewed by Rafael Rodriguez of La Pera

Gin cocktails  Revolution Spirits

Florals & Event Design Emily Waldmann

Photography Chelsea Laine Francis

Illustrations Emma Gundlach

Table Top Rentals Birch & Brass

Furniture Rentals Party at the Moontower

Music Curation Honky Tonk Amnesia