Milo/AveryCox Dinner - 03





Truffled grit fritters, bay leaf aioli

Smoked trout dip, avocado, paddlefish caviar, pickled radish with potato chips

Goat kielbasa, daikon radish sauerkraut, pickled mustard seeds

Red wheat pancake, beef tongue pastrami, dill creme fraiche

Small plates

Chicories, grapes, candied walnuts, lomo

Roasted carrots, picked raisins, smoked yoghurt, toasted coconut

Blistered cauliflower, anchovy, black garlic aioli, chili flakes

Miso glazed turnips


Wild boar, smoked romesco, fennel salad


Olive oil cake + Duck fat caramel ice cream, bergamot

Dinner Collaborators & Sponsors

Chef: Corey McEntyre, Owner of Milo Biscuit

Host | Designer | Florals: Avery Cox Design

Photographer: Chelsea Laine Francis

Wine: Waco Wine Shoppe | Mayfield Selections

Coffee: Tucker Francis & Caffe Medici

Illustrations | Graphics: Emma Gundlach

Videography: Lucy Wells

Rentals: Loot and Premiere

Vases: Aro

Beverage Sponsors: Balcones Distilling, CatSpring Yaupon, Caffe Medici

Farmer Sponsors: Farm to Table, Hausbar Farms, Double B Farms